Q How long will it all take?

A To prepare and finish the costume, it will take about 1 hour and with all the pictures and walking around , it will take about 2 hours.However, it may depend on each person, so please make sure you have ample time for the experience.



Q Can I take photos with my own camera?

A Yes you can.

You can take photos with your own camera.



Q Can I take pictures of the make-up process?

A Yes you can.



Q Can we take a family picture?

A Yes you can.




Q Can children experience the dress up costumes?

A     I am afraid children can not,

please come when they become 150cm over.




Q Can males wear the lolita?

A I am afraid males can not experience.



Q I have allergies, will the make-up irritate my skin?

A We haven't had an issue ,but it will depend on each person, so please ask your doctor.



Q Can I use a credit card?

A Yes, you can.



Q Do I need to bring anything with me?

A Please bring inner shirts and make-off seat.